Insect Detection Rare Wild Animal Parts

Binky Scent Wall

Bulk Insect detection and smuggled wild animal parts from sea containers using specialist detection dogs

With our capability of vapour extraction we are able to take air samples from hidden or unreachable locations without opening sea containers or hotel rooms to detect the presence of unwanted insects like bed bug infestations (Cimex Lectularious) or the unwelcome stink bugs ( The brown marmorated stink bug is an insect in the family Pentatomidae that is native to China, Japan, the Korean peninsula, and Taiwan) tiger teeth, bear gall bladder, ivory, rhino horn and all manner of rare animal parts.

We are able to train specialist dogs to analyze infestations of these undesirable pests and identify highly valued wild animal body parts covertly using a system that is unobtrusive, fast and efficient with real time results by using specifically trained dogs used in a location away from the source of infestation or transit points without the use of conventional search dog methods.

A specific analysis area is designated that is temperature controlled and is able to be sterilized and we implement the use of high quality stainless steel training equipment and track and trace identification of all individual samples, everything is recorded and set up on a data base in a computer.

Another discipline where we have an ongoing project is training dogs to detect (Wolf Scat), we are training dogs to identify and catalogue Wolf movements.