Bedbug Detection

Binky Scent Wall

Bulk analysis using specialist detection system

In these modern times bedbugs (Genus Cimex) are fast becoming a modern day problem in Northern Europe and we haveĀ  a much better solution to detection than using conventional search dogs in such public places like hotel complexes, office blocks or convention centres.

No dog vans parked outside of the buildings, no visible dogs searching rooms to give away what would seem to be a nuisance service and give clients an idea that the venue might be a source of irritation and cleanliness might be an issue.

We can extract air using a vapour vacume system and take samples and then do the analysis at our own venue to give you a realtime conclusion to each venue sampled, each room, each area to conclude a positive or negative result as to the presence of bedbugs, live , eggs, dead bugs or a clean room.