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May / June 2022

In the past several weeks ACT Advanced Canine Technologies Ltd have had three major Government agencies visit us at our location in the Netherlands, two of the agencies were International and one was a National agency.

All three of the agencies are interested in purchasing dogs from our own breeding programme, home grown and developed by us. They are and were interested in our Labradors and Spaniels for all manner of detection projects home and abroad.

We look forward to a long and lasting connection with these agencies and are happy that they are happy to continue using  us as a service provider after many years working closely together with them.

August/September 2023

This summer we have sold two dogs from our own breding programme to two new countries , one to Ukraine and one to Portugal. Both dogs are to be trained as detection dogs and we are looking forward to hearing of their development.

One working Cocker male and one Black Labrador male.

We are currently working to develop the Vapour extraction system and the target is the elusive bed bugs. we are currently perfecting our programme and will be ready to offer a service to the public sector in the near future.