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23rd March 2021

Remote Air Sampling

Advanced Canine Technologies® Ltd have been actively involved in vapour detection and remote air sampling since 1993.

Government research and development programmes both in the UK, USA, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa have given credibility to this and makes us a leader in this field of very specific training. The practical application of our methods are perfect for static real time results or by using a centre with a controlled temperature environment for analysis at a later stage.

Advanced Canine Technologies® Ltd can put together a package to suit any clients requirements including , training, analysis, consultation and technical back-up. We use the latest innovative equipment and can supply technical data to match our best work practice.

Our standard of work is well proven, we have years of experience in working International contracts with validated results from UK agencies. We use dogs from our own breeding programme which means that we can be more competitive in the open market which is vital in the economic climate today!!

This concept has huge advantages over using conventional search dogs because of the option of bulk analysis on sea containers especially where world- wide only 2% are ever thoroughly checked for contraband and illicit concealment of explosives, narcotics, wild animal parts and insects from country to country and more!

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