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23rd March 2021

Advanced Canine Technologies Ltd

The breeds we use are Labrador Retrievers and English Springer/Cocker Spaniels.

These dogs have been selectively bred and developed from the top working bloodlines in the UK. They have work ethic and have the characteristic high drive and temperament that is needed in a quality detection dog.

In the last 27 years Advanced Canine Technologies® Ltd have exported dogs to twenty six countries world-wide and to nine states in the USA proving that our dogs step up to the plate when it comes to popularity, trainability, temperament and of course reaching such high standards through regular health testing!

All dogs have a EU dog passports which records vaccinations including rabies and vet certification prior to travel..New logo black background R symbol

Each individual under goes health screening for inherited hip and elbow diseases. The resulting x-ray that includes their unique microchip number is provided to the customer at purchase. This intensive screening process enables us to offer a two-year guarantee for hip, elbow and any epilepsy problems!

We welcome visits from our client's own veterinary staff at any time!

GSD from the Czech Republic

Advanced Canine Technologies Ltd are pleased to announce that we are able to offer to Government agencies and Police Departments top class GSD dogs from the best working lines in the Czech Republic, we have many contacts for top class working dogs from the very popular working lines.

The same quality of service is provided from Prague as our regular clients have come to expect from our base in the UK and the Netherlands.

All dogs are sold as tested and supplied with micro-chip, x-rays and International pet passport. Transportation to anywhere in the world in up to date travel crates is guaranteed.

Advanced Canine Technologies Ltd  usual two year health guarantee still applies.


Terms & Conditions of our Guarantee

ACT's two year guarantee to replace any dog that contracts hip or elbow Dysplasia or suffers from epileptic seizures comes with the following restraints

1. ACT will not replace any dog without a full independent veterinary report

2. Transportation costs of any dog that is to be replaced and returned to point of origin will be met by the purchaser

3. ACT will pay for the transportation of a replacement dog to the point of destination but not for a return IATA travel crate

All costs appertaining to the importation or exportation (permits etc) will be met by the purchaser

4. No dog sold as a detector dog will be covered by our return or guarantee policy if it is purchased or used as a breeding dog

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